Do You Know What It Really Takes to Stay Safe?

If not, now’s the time to learn how to to:

  • Prevent or de-escalate violence before it happens
  • Make yourself and your home a less inviting target for criminals
  • Protect yourself physically when necessary
  • Have the right mindset before, during, and after an incident

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Women’s Self Defense Course in Southern Maine

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In the US, 9.1 million people a year will be victims of violent crime. 1 out of 6 women will be the victims of attempted or completed rape. It just makes sense to get some self defense training.

On November 5th and 12th, I will be teaching my first public seminar in Maine. A Women’s Self Defense class.

Womens Self Defense MaineI did dozens when I lived in Boston, and I keep them fun, empowering, and educational.

The course is two consecutive Mondays from 6-8pm, attendees will learn valuable self defense skills that will help them stay safe for the rest of their lives.

For more information, and to register now, go to the registration page at:
Women’s Self Defense Class – Westbrook / Portland Maine.

Attendees can learn:

Monday, November 5th (part 1)

  • How to avoid and evade violent predtors in the first place
  • Learn a realistic framework for self defense that offers safety and legal protection (no legal advice is offered or implied)
  • What criminals are looking for, and what they avoid
  • The safest responses to any kind of attack
  • Self defense moves that really work, even on a larger attacker – learn to hit harder than you have ever imagined
  • How to escape and counter the most common criminal attacks so you can get away safely

Monday, November 12th (part 2)

  • Learn more advanced techniques tips and tactics
  • Deal with armed attackers
  • Use (almost) anything you can hold in yoru hands as a weapon
  • Learn what to do if your knocked or thrown to the ground
  • Learn to keep your skills up so you don’t forget what you’ve learned

Once again, to register go to: Women’s Self Defense Class – Westbrook / Portland Maine.

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